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[INSTAGRAM/TWITTER] G-Dragon Twitter and Instagram updates (05/08/13)

5 Aug

“Glad to see you Kiss Kiss Kiss bye bye see you again kiss  kiss kiss what is this feeling that makes me feel sad sigh anyways goodbye kiss  kiss kiss”

(Note: This tweet is in response to the news that children’s show “뽀뽀뽀” (Kiss  Kiss Kiss) will be ending this year after 32 years of being on air. G-Dragon was  a member of the cast when he was a kid.)

“The Saem. Ang”

(Note: “Ang” is a sound one makes when they jokes like “I want to bite you”  or “I could eat you up”. They go “ang” after as if eating. It is meant to be  cute or sexy.)

“Gaho-ya, you look like you really don’t wanna do this…”

gaho insta

“이제 수영도 하기 귀찮아하는 얼굴 까만 #가호 #gaho”

Now this is too lazy to  swim dark face #gaho(Korean) #gaho

Translated by: @BIGBANGGisVIP & @shrimpLJY

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5 Aug

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5 Aug


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