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[PHOTOS] G-Dragon’s Friends post photos from his Birthday Party

17 Aug





Source:Zoelkan  Harry Kim u7ak

[PHOTO] ‘B..B..BigBang?’

17 Aug



From YGex Staff Blog


Staff Blog: “B..B.. BIGBANG?!??” (August 17, 2013)

It’s the members’ first time to be together since GD’s concert in June! Don’t you think everyone has become more handsome and sexier?

Now that they’re preparing for their solo activities (September 25 is Seungri’s Japanese album release!), it’s rare to see the 5 of them together.

They’re now shooting and attending meetings for their 6-dome tour in Japan, which will start in November.. Preparation for their dome tours starts now.

Don’t you all want to see the 5 members of Big Bang? When? Starting November!!


Source:YGex Staff Blog //BIGBangKorea Via BigBangUpdates

[VIDEO] GD Drops a Birthday Bomb with 2nd Album Teaser

17 Aug



Translation: “Shake the world. The fake ones will be caught soon but the REAL ones are different.”