It has been already 10 years. BIG BANG who celebrates the 10th anniversary of their debut this year is still at the top and numerous rivals have come and gone so far. Such trend is not confined to Korea, but is spreading overseas.

BIG BANG decided to add one more concert to their two-day concert at Osaka Yamma Stadium Nagai on July 30 and 31 which will be held in celebration of BIG BANG’s 10th anniversary. The number of audience was expected at 110,000, but fans’ big interest in the concert made the number increase to 165,000. That is a truly impressive scale.

BIG BANG successfully rounded off world tour that drew total 911,000 fans in Japan from November last year to February this year. BIG BANG is the first foreign artist in Japan who has held tour in the country for three years in a row. That proves the unrivaled popularity BIG is enjoying in Japan.

That was not the end. BIG BANG’s stadium concert scheduled for this July is creating sensation again, proving BIG BANG’s nickname “GOD-bang”.

Plus, BIG BANG kicked off fan club event tour in Japan two years after the last fan meeting tour and has been carrying out arena tour with 27 concerts in four cities: including one at Kobe World Memorial Hall from April 22 to 24 and another one at the same place from May 27 to 29.

Other than performances as complete team BIG BANG, each member of the team has also established their own artistic presence in a variety of fields. It is true that Korean fans are rather dissatisfied with the fact that they can hardly see team BIG BANG in Korea because of their hectic overseas schedule. However, that is kind of unavoidable fate for fans of such global star.

BIG BANG is enjoying such unending popularity for as long as ten years. There seems to be nobody who could ever replace BIG BANG’s “unprecedented” success.

Source: YG Life via OSEN