Good morning. This is YG Entertainment.

There was an initially plan of organizing a Guerilla Concert for Big Bang. However, we regret to inform that it will be cancelled.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Big Bang debut, we have designed various congratulatory events and there a plan to proceed with a guerilla concert for Big Bang. ‘Guerilla Concert’ was supposed to be meant as a surprise but the news got leaked out to the media and public first.

YG Entertainment and Big Bang members know that fans are concerned about this surprise event. In reference to previous similar events where many fass had eagerly tried to attend, the concerns and worries about accident occurrence are much larger.

After much contemplation, YG Entertainment and Big Bang members have decided to cancel the guerilla concert. We hope that fans can enjoy the 10th anniversary congratulatory events in a more safer way. Please note that we are still developing different ideas for other events.

Thank you.

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BIG BANG’s guerrilla concert has been cancelled.

BIG BANG’s label, YG Entertainment, announced on May 23 that they will be cancelling the group’s concert as their plan got leaked to the press during the preparation process.

Following is the full text of YG Entertainment’s official announcement:

YG Entertainment announces that BIG BANG’s guerrilla concert, which was scheduled to take place this week, is cancelled.

We wanted to hold a guerrilla concert to celebrate the 10th anniversary of BIG BANG’s debut, but during the preparation process, our plan got leaked to the press.

This was meant to be a surprise present for the fans from YG Entertainment and BIG BANG members, but because our plan became known, the concert has lost its meaning. We also became worried that an accident may happen if too many fans come to the concert.

After much thought, YG Entertainment and BIG BANG members decided to cancel the guerrilla concert. We will come up with a safer way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of BIG BANG’s debut with the fans.

Source: TV Report via YG Life

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