BIG BANG has successfully rounded off Japan fan club event tour that drew 280,000 fans.

BIG BANG marked the grand finale of Japan fan club event “BIG BANG FANCLUB EVENT ~FANTASTIC BABYS 2016~” on May 29 at Kobe World Memorial Hall. The Arena tour has drawn total 280,000 fans to 27 events held in four cities.

BIG BANG held the fan meeting event for Japanese official fan club “VIP JAPAN” for the first time in two years, to spend a meaningful time with local fans. Notably, BIG BANG fascinated the audience with new format of contents in which fans can take part in, such as talk show, game, and live performance, as well as their brand-new performances that have never been unveiled so far.


Plus, BIG BANG proved their big influence in Japan, as Japanese top stars including EXILE’s Akira, Okamura Takashi, Hata Motohiro, Matsumoto Toshio, Mizuki Arisa, and Yamamoto Linda sent congratulatory messages for BIG BANG’s 10thanniversary of debut, in the fan club tour.

In the meantime, BIG BANG will hold live concerts in celebration of their 10th anniversary on July 29, 30, and 31 at Osaka Yanma Stadium, to draw total 165,000 fans.

Plus, Seungri came back to the TV drama scene in Japan in “HiGH & LOW Season 2” that was first aired on NTV on April 23. He also acts in film “HiGH & LOW the Movie” that will be released on screen on July 16, to officially debut as a movie actor in Japan.

Beginning from the website that celebrates the 10th anniversary of debut, BIG BANG will unveil the 10th anniversary projects one by one in Korea as well.

Source: YG Life via