Group BIG BANG will directly greet their fans.

BIG BANG will directly greet fans at CGV Yeongdeungpo on June 28, for the preview of their film “BIG BANG MADE”.

At the greeting event, BIG BANG will officially meet Korean fans after a long time of absence in Korea since the encore concert of their world tour which was held in Seoul in March this year. The event will give fans a unique opportunity to directly meet BIG BANG members not far on the stage, but more closely at theater.

According to insiders, the five members of BIG BANG are also very much excited to see Korean fans whom they have not seen for some time because of busy schedules overseas.

“BIG BANG MADE” is drawing big attention, as it will be released in the format of “Screen X”. Detailed information about the preview event where BIG BANG will greet viewers of the film will be announced on the official website of CGV soon.

Source: Osen via YG Life