Kwanghee’s drawing skills are once again getting a lot of attention as he recently showed off another one of his works on his Instagram.

On June 15, he uploaded his drawings with the caption, “I drew HwangTaeG. My Young Bae and Ji Yong. Long time no see.” HwangTaeG is the group formed by Kwanghee and BIG BANG’s Taeyang (real name Dong Young Bae) and G-Dragon (real name Kwon Ji Yong) when they competed together as part of the “Infinite Challenge” 2015 music festival.

Kwanghee used a shot of HwangTaeG from the festival as his reference for the drawing.


Recently, Kwanghee also made many viewers burst out laughing by drawing an unintentionally suggestive picture on the latest episode of “Infinite Challenge.”

What do you think of Kwanghee’s drawing skills?

Source: Soompi