The combination of Infinite Challenge and G-Dragon is never wrong.

On August 27, the making of Infinite Challenge’s much-anticipated Muhan Company special was released. The Muhan Company special is a mega special project the goal of which is to make a short movie with the cast of Infinite Challenge. The script of the short movie is written by Kim Eun-hee, the screenwriter of “Signal”. Jang Hang-jun is the director and the cast of Infinite Challenge each have parts.

Other top actors/actresses including Lee Jae-hoon, Kim Hae-soo, Jun Kunimura, Kim Hee-won, Jeon Seok-ho, Son Jong-hak, and Jun Mi-sun appear as cameos. BIG BANG’s G-Dragon also plays a significant role in the short movie.

In the making, he looked nervous about acting saying that he agreed to take part only because he liked Infinite Challenge so much. He seemed to be taken aback by the huge scale of the project.

It is not surprising since it was his first time acting for a legitimate drama. He has had offers to appear in movies and TV dramas but declined them because he couldn’t imagine himself acting seriously. But, now he had no choice but to do his first serious acting for Infinite Challenge, and he seemed to be very nervous about it. Whenever he heard the names of the fellow actors and actresses, he seemed to be embarrassed, and this gave unexpected fun to the viewers.

Infinite Challenge is very special to G-Dragon, so much so that he participated in almost all of its special projects. He really likes the show, and the cast of Infinite Challenge really likes him too. But we have never seen him so nervous as this time. Ten years have passed since he debuted, so it is hard to understand why he would ever be nervous in front of a camera. The fact that he is playing an important role and that it is his first time acting for a legitimate movie must have weighed on him.

Nevertheless, G-Dragon did his utmost and acted for the movie with passion. But, he also had a good laugh when he was around Infinite Challenge members, playing along with their jokes. He was especially kind and considerate to Kwang-hee. When Lee Jae-hoon confessed that he was a big fan of BIG BANG, G-Dragon gave his number and promised to get him tickets to BIG BANG’s concerts. When Jang Hang-jun asked G-Dragon if he could take a picture with his wife and daughter, G-Dragon said yes without any reluctance. We are all looking forward to seeing G-Dragon in the Muhan Company special, which will be aired next week.

Source: OSEN via YG Life