BIG BANG have had a big year, managing to land on Forbes Magazine’s 2016 list of the “Highest Paid Celebrities Under 30”!

Given that this year is the group’s 10th anniversary, it goes without saying the 2016 has been the year of BIG BANG. With a successful world tour under their belt, the release of the popular “MADE” documentary film, various other anniversary-related projects, and their long-awaited third album to still come, BIG BANG have had big 2016, so much so that they’ve entered Forbes Magazine for the second time this year!

Following their entry into Forbes Magazine’s Celebrity 100 list earlier this year, BIG BANG have now made it into Forbes Magazine’s newly-released list of “Highest Paid Celebrities Under 30 for 2016” at No. 13. Not only do BIG BANG account for almost half of the international celebrities on the list, they’ve earned more than any active American male pop group.

A huge congrats to BIG BANG for making into Forbes Magazine (again)!


Source: SBS Pop Asia