BIG BANG has set the record for drawing in the biggest concert audience in Japan this year, with about double the number of concertgoers as Arashi.

The rankings were reported by Nikkei Style on December 7, and the total was calculated by combining statistics from concerts held from January until October with expected audience numbers in November and December.

This year, BIG BANG is set to perform for a total of 1.86 million people. This astronomical number is a result of the group having been active in Japan for seven months this year, as well as the fact that they also hold the record for most number of concerts held in Japan in 2016.

BIG BANG held a fanclub tour early this year at various locations including Makuhari Messe in Chiba, along with a three-day tour at the Yanmar Stadium Nagai in July to celebrate their 10th anniversary. The group embarked on a dome tour (four locations, 16 performances) in November, becoming the first foreign artists to perform four consecutive dome tours.

The top five groups in Nikkei Style’s rankings were as follows:

  1. BIG BANG – 1.86 million people
  2. Arashi – 939,000 people
  3. Kanjani∞ – 875,000 people
  4. Momoiro Clover Z – 636,000 people
  5. Sandaime J Soul Brothers – 634,000 people

Other Korean groups on the list include EXO in 11th place (465,000 people), SHINee in 12th place (458,000 people), and iKON in 19th place (341,000 people).

Source: Soompi