Big Bang got emotional during a recent interview as they talked about the making of “Last Dance,” one of the lead tracks from the new album.

The film, released Wednesday, included interviews with members explaining the concept of the down-tempo song.

“We wanted to express our feelings of the last 10 years as singers, making the lyrics as compact as possible,” Taeyang said in the interview.

“The 2-year-long grand project ‘Made’ has just finished,” Seungri said, after filming a scene.

“Fans won‘t be able to see all five members active as Big Bang members,” Taeyang said. “I hope our faith could be seen among fans (with the video.)”

He added it took longer than he expected to release the album because there were discrepancies about how to conclude their Big Bang activities.

Both the music video for “Last Dance” and behind-the-scenes footage are available on Naver V app.

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Source: KPop Herald