Kwanghee had a one-one-one dance battle with BIG BANG members.

The BIG BANG special episode of Infinite Challenge was aired on December 17. On the show, Kwanghee and Seungri tried to keep each other in check. Other members made them do a dance battle, and Kwanghee got a head start by dancing to BIG BANG’s “GOOD BOY”.

However, there was something off about Seungri’s wave dance, which made everyone laugh. Yoo Jae Suk made fun of Seungri and announced, “Seungri lost”. Kwanghee danced passionately with his too slender body.

Then, it was Daesung’s turn. Kwanghee mimicked the original choreography of “BANG BANG BANG” well, and Daesung went against him with intense facial expressions and power. Kwanghee’s dance was feeble, but he was able to slit everyone’s side with his dance.

Kwanghee also went up against Taeyang. Taeyang wowed everyone with his dance, but it was Kwanghee who made everyone laugh with his mantis wave dance. So, it was Kwanghee’s win.

Next up was G-Dragon. Kwanghee was confident that he would win, and other Infinite Challenge members cheered for him. G-Dragon danced passionately to “FANTASTIC BABY”, but Kwanghee’s skeleton dance was funnier.

Last up was T.O.P. Kwanghee did a weird interpretation of the “BAE BAE” dance. T.O.P gave up looking gorgeous and did an idiot dance to “GOOD BOY”, making everyone burst into laughter.

Source: OSEN via YG Life