Fashion icon G-Dragon revealed how his mother influenced his fashion style as he launched his fashion line PEACEMINUSONE in Paris.

Big Bang leader and global fashion icon G-Dragon credited his mother for making him fashionable ever since he was a kid.

G-Dragon talked about his fashionable mother in a recent interview during the European launch of his brand fashion brand PEACEMINUSONE at Paris Fashion Week last month.

“I started out as a child actor. Back then, I didn’t have a manager or company and I couldn’t even dream of having a stylist,” Koreaboo quoted the 28-year-old Hallyu star as saying in the interview.

“My mom made and bought the clothes I would wear,” he continued. “I think that was probably when I first got into fashion? Interestingly, when I look at pictures of me when I was five or six years old, I think I look pretty stylish.”

The Korean idol who reportedly caused a tagging frenzy at last month’s Chanel’s Couture show and wore a furry Chanel trapper hat with Chanel brooches on his navy suit also shared some fashion tips for his millions of followers.

“There are times even I am a bit embarrassed by my look,” said G-Dragon. “Don’t be afraid. There is no right answer in fashion.”

According to all K-pop, some of G-Dragon’s eccentric styles that only he can pull off include the outrageous look of a half-biker and half-gypsy, sexy librarian, an outlaw chef, wandering vagrant, confused hobo, gold member and red racer.

The pop star, who opened his fashion line PEACEMINUSONE at London’s Dover Street Market two months ago, described the European fashion style as “chic,” “consistent” and “classic with its own color” while he thought the Korean fashion was more trend-conscious.

The high-end clothing line was shrouded with several controversies as netizens criticized the brand for its alleged misogynistic labels, ridiculously high prices, alleged rip-off designs and the way it’s been marketed using the English language instead of Korean.

Source: Korea Portal