With the release of their long-awaited “MADE” album last December and T.O.P enlisting just a few weeks ago, it’s perhaps safe to say that BIG BANG’s “MADE” era has come to an end after nearly two years.

From their mega successful tours to the release of numerous hit singles, it goes without saying that BIG BANG had a massively successful period from the start of the “MADE” era in 2015 until its end in 2017.

But just how successful was it?

BIG BANG held a number of tours for MADE, each of which were ranked among the most successful in K-pop history:

-Their 2015-16 MADE World Tour drew in over 1.5 million fans, making it the largest tour by any Korean artist.
-Their 2016 MADE V.I.P Tour was the most attended tour by a foreign act of all time in China.
-Their 2016 0.TO.10 concerts generated crazy amounts of revenue and drew in record crowds.
-While BIG BANG made a huge splash with their MADE world tours, they were also wildly successful at the various awards shows that were held from 2015 to 2017. From Korean music shows to prestigious music awards shows, BIG BANG won a whopping 98 trophies – including some of our own SBS PopAsia trophies – across the various events.


BIG BANG may be in their 11th year and are about to enlist in the military, but it appears that the boys are more popular than ever!

Source: SBS PopAsia