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[PHOTO] G-Dragon at Incheon Airport 2016/06/18

19 Jun

gs spotted

Source: sungjunshin

[PHOTOS] G-Dragon at Gimpo Airport to Japan 2016/05/12

12 May

[PHOTOS] G-Dragon Returning to Korea from Japan 2016/05/09

9 May

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[PHOTOS] G-Dragon Arriving in Beijing 2016/04/25

25 Apr

[PHOTOS] G-Dragon to Kobe, Japan 2016/04/22

22 Apr

[PHOTOS] G-Dragon at Jeju International Airport to Seoul 2016/04/05

5 Apr


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[PHOTOS] G-Dragon Leaving Changsha and Arriving in Seoul 2016/03/26

26 Mar

Leaving Changsha:


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[PHOTOS] BIGBANG Arriving at Hangzhou Airport 2016/03/24

24 Mar


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[PHOTOS] G-Dragon to Shenzhen 2016/03/23

23 Mar

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[PHOTOS] G-Dragon Leaving Hefei, China and Arriving back in Seoul 2016/03/21

21 Mar

Leaving Hefei, China:

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