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[PHOTO] BIGBANG with BESTie Backstage at Inkigayo 2015/05/10

10 May


@OfficialBESTie: It’s an honor ! Taking a picture with BIGBANG sunbaes (seniors)~!

Trans: @ShrimpLJY

[PHOTOS] G-Dragon’s Instagram and Twitter Updates 2015/04/17&18

19 Apr



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[TWITTER] G-Dragon Follows some Fansites

25 Feb


GD followed a number of his fansites on Twitter.

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[NEWS] G-Dragon’s Tweet was Most Retweeted in Korea in 2014

16 Dec


There was a lot of things said and shared on Twitter, but the most retweeted tweet in Korea in 2014 belonged to Big Bang′s G-Dragon.

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[PHOTO] G-Dragon’s Twitter Update 2014/12/13

14 Dec


Source: @IBGDRGN

[PHOTO] G-Dragon’s Twitter Update 2014/11/20

20 Nov


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[PHOTOS] G-Dragon’s Twitter & Instagram Updates 2014/08/22

22 Aug

G-Dragon’s first two tweets “sub” and “merge” (submerge), means to dive underwater, but is also a Korean slang term for “hiding” or going on “hiatus”. (via @Big_Seunghyun)

Update: G-Dragon has deleted the first 2 tweets and left only the thought bubble one.

G-Dragon uploaded this comment with the photo above but quickly deleted it and re-posted the photo alone.


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[PHOTO] G-Dragon’s Twitter and Instagram Update 2014/07/30

30 Jul

#Nowplaying Johnny Gill – My, My, My, #johnnygill #90s

Source: xxxibgdrgn and @IBGDRGN

[PHOTOS] G-Dragon’s Instagram and Twitter Updates 2014/07/24

24 Jul


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[PHOTO] G-Dragon’s Twitter/Instagram Update 2014/07/04

4 Jul

Sending love from here

[GD posted the same picture on Instagram.]

Source: xxxibgdrgn