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[PHOTOS] G-Dragon’s Instagram Updates 2017/10/02 – 04

4 Oct

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[PHOTOS] G-Dragon’s Instagram Updates 2017/09/30

30 Sep

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[PHOTOS] G-Dragon’s Instagram Updates 2017/09/29

29 Sep

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[PHOTO] Justin Lyons Shares Photo of G-Dragon at UK Shows

28 Sep


GD. Dancers band and crew members have been going massively hard for you guys!!! Playing behind GD has been an honor !! Only a few shows left of this tour and we thank you !!! Glad to caught some of you guys on my #slayercam !! Say cheese !! .

#London #Birmingham whew!!! Was beyond crazy !! #amsterdam you’re up next !! See you guys tomorrow night !!! #motteinuk #motteinlondon#motteinamsterdam

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[PHOTO] G-Dragon in Amsterdam

28 Sep



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[PHOTO] G-Dragon with Japanese Musician & Designer Hiroshi Fujiwara

28 Sep

[PHOTOS] G-Dragon’s Instagram Updates 2017/09/23 – 2017/09/28

28 Sep

Act_III, Scene_”Europe” <9/23-9/30>
First time ever having a show in Europe as a solo artist. Thank you so much and i can’t wait to see you guys✨VIP✨(Specially in Europe this time📍🤡)
Well, It’s the first but it could be the last too becuz
My 2nd world tour “Act.III:M.O.T.T.E” is gonna be almost over soon so…⏳💬🎬💧
Moment of truth, the end is near now😢
So plz don’t miss out! See you guys at the show🖤
I’ll be waiting for y’all🌹

#ActIIIMOTTEWORLDTOUR2017 In #Birmingham✔️

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[PHOTOS/VIDEOS] G-Dragon’s Instagram Updates 2017/06/28 – 2017/07/25

25 Jul

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[PHOTOS] G-Dragon’s Instagram Updates 2017/04/18 – 2017/06/26 (Catchup/Image Heavy)

26 Jun

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[PHOTOS] G-Dragon’s Instagram Updates 2017/03/22 – 2017/04/17 (Catchup/Image Heavy)

17 Apr

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