[PHOTOS/VIDEOS] G-Dragon’s Instagram Updates 2016/08/18

18 Aug

(Now deleted)

“8/18. It is my birthday and also the day which my parents gave life to me. Thanks to all the people for all the blessings. I love all of you ❤️ Let us all have a happy day today! From Kwon Jiyong.”

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“Kyah Kyah”
I’m done.
I’m going home to sleep.
Have a sweet dream.
Wake up the next day.
Then go do some shopping.
And go home again.
Then rest at home.
Play at home.
Wait for my birthday.
And then play harder on my birthday.
Then the album will be released.
And I’ll see you guys again.
That will be all!

Thank y’all💖
#Repost @voguechina
#HBD to the Asian #KPOP\#Fashion icon #GDragon . Photographed on the set of #VogueMe August’s cover shooting, by #MarioTestino for #TowelSeries. @vogueme @mariotestino @xxxibgdrgn
#HappyBirthday 他是KPOP巨星,时尚偶像,舞台上的#RapMonster,舞台下的腼腆大男孩。他是#权志龙,祝我们的#狮子座#男神#生日快乐。图片来自Mario Testino的Towel Series,与《Vogue Me》八月刊封面一同拍摄。#GD#GDBDAY


“Great/Cool! Beautiful! I am so proud!😍”

Source: xxxibgdrgn

Trans: bb.translations & VIP4Daesung


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